Esta entrada es para mis amigos que dominen la lengua de Shakespeare:
Taylor Swift plain has the legs that kill me. The wrap around my neck and force me to tap out gams that will never see me tap out. I’d rather go dark and wake up resuscitated in her girls pajama party apartment where all things are possible if you know the magic Barbie password. I’ll be a good boyfriend, for a day at least.

At this point Taylor Swift owns nothing but tiny shorts and short skirts that exhibit her toned, five inches longer than any other female pop stars legs around New York and Los Angeles in all seasons. I completely understand putting your best foot forward, and if your best foot are you naughty imagination kick-starter stems, all the power to your thigh high bottoms. I know Taylor Swift evokes all sorts of mixed feelings from the general public, but if you’re feeling anything other than I’d love to be her nekkid trapeze partner, you’re feelings are unnecessarily complicated. Find a happy spot and go to it. Taylor’s toned legs are right behind you. Enjoy.

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