If you've ever wondered what a Victoria's Secret runway show audition might look like. Well, it's not super surprising. Hot girl enters room in just bra and panties, hands on hip, big smile. That goes for everyone. Including second generation celebrity model and all around super sextastic Gigi Hadid. Nobody gets carte blanche in an industry where the perfect body is required to sell and stimulate.

Gigi has been criticized of late for, of all things, having to curvy a bottom and too bulging a bosom. I wasn't aware this was a valid criticism in any form. But apparently when it comes to the world of high fashion, lean and flatter is in. Which is unfortunate. None of which should take away the fact that those girls can't model bras and panties like Gigi. Which might be the source of the jealousy. Random question, V.S.: what do you do with the undies after the girls have modeled them? I'm asking for a friend who's sick, in the head mostly. Yes, he does look a lot like me. Enjoy.

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