Heidi Klum desnuda

Llevábamos años sin hablar de Heidi Klum y hoy por fin tenemos una instantánea suya lo suficientemente buena como para publicarla en Lucenpop. Heidi te lo has ganado.


Como se que todos domináis el ingles, os dejo la siguiente entrada en el idioma de Shakespeare. Heidi Klum promised her costume for Halloween is “sort of a male’s fantasy come to life,” and folks are now speculating that she will be Kim Kardashian.

But that makes no sense, because Kim Kardashian is already alive. Duh! They’ve all been duped by the pictures Heidi’s been putting out that show a voluptuous body prosthetic with tits and an ass that do resemble Mrs. Kardashian West. And, frankly, our interpretation is putting a lot of stock in Heidi’s understanding of the English language too. But an alternative guess is also percolating and it’s Jessica Rabbit. We think this is the safer bet, and are willing to put folding paper on that the tits and ass combination in the pictures are bringing Jessica to life instead of Kim. Since there’s only a few days left till Halloween, we won’t have wait long. 

While a whole butt load of bitches will be going as a slutty Kim Kardashian this year, we’re not counting Heidi Klum as one of them.

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