Anne Hathaway was on a public beach yesterday when she noticed the paparazzi taking her picture.

But instead of realizing this is the price of being a rich and famous actress who can go literally anywhere in the world at any moment while never working another day in her life, Anne Hathaway decided to try and control the situation like so many eggs to be sent back and posted this blurry photo of her pregnant body in a bikini along with a self-defeating joke about Instagram filters that literally made all of this moot:
Of course, the online media can’t trip over itself fast enough to praise Anne for her “bravery” while simultaneously sharing a photo of Anne Hathaway thus perpetuating the demand for photos of Anne Hathaway.Which is why the paparazzi are even there in the first place. I mean, Jesus Christ, do you people even know how the Internet works? No, really, I’m asking. I mainly just use it to look at porn, and then write whatever this site is about. 

La noticia está en inglés porque doy por el hecho el alto nivel de inglés de los lectores del Blog.

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