Os dejamos con la entrevista integra en la revista Harper’s Bazaar:

"Jennifer Aniston did this shoot for Harper’s Bazaar that is a little theatrical, seeing as she’s holding a falcon on some very weird concept shit, in what looks like a see through lace top cupping what seems like a great tit, and the other pictures of her standing in water from afar with her reflection because two Jennifer Anistons is better than one according to Jennifer Aniston….you know it’d have to be theatrical to think that at 50 she’s still hot, or a love interest in a movie, she’s managed to fool audiences this long to think her hard nipples were actually something in their 30s….but the jig is up, her and Cameron Diaz can makeway for actually hot chicks who can play themselves in movies and TVs and who cost a fraction of the price…

Sure this grandma is one of the last generations of “actors” who scammed the system and got paid a lot of fucking money without having to work or be engaging…but now…the world knows who people actually want to see – and it’s not Jennifer Aniston – unless of course she’s playing a falconeer…

I still find it funny that Brad Pitt left her and that no one has ever knocked her up because she was too busy staring in bunk quality content….

I like to laugh at failures of people worth hundreds of millions of dollars…for the dumbest fucking reason to be worth hundreds of millions dollars…a reason I call FRIENDS>…"

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